Sony Contact Number: 0207 365 2810

Call Sony on their consumer electronic enquiries number 0207 365 2810 for technical support with any of their products such as Bravia TV or VAIO laptop over the phone.


About Sony

Sony is a Japanese technology company that produces a range of consumer electronics, which are bought by millions of customers around the globe. The company is particularly well known for its Bravia TV and Sony Xperia mobile phones along with the popular PlayStation video game consoles that are available in the United Kingdom under the PAL format.


Sony Electronics Customer Services – 0207 365 2810

Call Sony on their UK customer services telephone number 0207 365 2810 for technical support for an electronic device made by the company. For instance, you should report any technical faults with a television from the Sony Bravia range before the appropriate troubleshooting is offered over the telephone. You may also qualify for free repairs on products such as a Sony VAIO laptop if you purchased a warranty agreement when you made your order.


Sony PlayStation Customer Services – 0203 538 2665

However, you should call Sony PlayStation customer services helpline number 0203 538 2665 for technical support with your video games console. If the issue can’t be solved by telephone and your Playstation is still under warranty then you may be able to request a replacement part. However it should be noted that you will have to send off your Playstation to Sony while they repair damaged consoles or fit a new hard drive. If you are having problems with the PlayStation network the the Sony representative can help you reset your account details over the phone so that you can sign-in and continue to use the the online service. Alternatively you may wish to enquire about the cost a subscription to PlayStation Plus or cancel any existing memberships if you are unhappy with the premium service.


Sony Mobiles Enquiries – 0360 523 7237

You can call Sony on their mobile telephone general enquiries number 0360 523 7237 for require tech support for your Xperia handset. Alternatively callers can enquire about the cost of any of the Xperia models if they would like to buy a Pay As You Go handset upfront rather than take a monthly contract from a mobile phone retailer.


Sony Call Costs

Each of the Sony helplines use a local rate contact number meaning that your call will only be charged the same standard per-minute rate as any other geographical call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However you may be able to contact one of Sony’s UK departments for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes offered by your service provider.


Key Sony UK Contact Numbers

Sony Department UK Contact Numbers Opening Hours
Sony Mobiles Customer Services 0360 523 7237 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday
Sony PlayStation Customer Services 0203 538 2665 10:30am – 7pm Monday to Sunday
Sony Electronics Customer Services 0207 365 2810 9am-6pm Monday to Friday


Online Support Centre

If you would prefer to avoid the cost of contacting a Sony advisor over the telephone then you can do so for free when posting your enquiry on Sony’s Online Contact Form on their official website.