Loc8tor Contact Number: 0208 207 0880

You should phone Loc8tor on their UK contact number 0208 207 0880 to ask a customer service representative for technical support setting up your GPS tracker, to ask how to attach a tag to your pet, keys or household item, or for sales information on their Lite model.


Customer Services – 0208 207 0880

Loc8tor develops a range of GPS trackers to help find children, pets and other everyday items, such as car keys. Notably, the GPS device can find items up to 400 feet away, and is available in both the Lite and Plus models. You should phone Loc8tor customer services on the following contact number 0208 207 0880 for both sales advice and technical support. For instance, callers can ask a customer service representative for a link to a user manual for help setting up their new device. Alternatively, you may prefer to contact Loc8tor for direct set-up support, particularly when connecting your handset and tag. Notably, as each tag is uniquely registered to your Loc8tor handset, it is not possible to accidentally track tags from different devices. Callers will be able to ask how to attach the tag to items such as cat collars and keys before asking how to change the batteries when necessary. Furthermore, if you have already placed an order on the Loc8tor online store, you will be able to contact customer service to request a tracking number to monitor the location of a delivery. By the same token, you can use this number to both report a late delivery and to discuss the returns policy if you are not wholly satisfied with your tracking device.


Cost of Calling Loc8tor

Contact numbers that start with an local area code cost the same per-minute rate as any local call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, Loc8tor may be free to contact if your landline deal includes free calls to local rate numbers or if your mobile tariff has inclusive free minutes. The Loc8tor customer service helpline is available to take calls during the typical working week, from the hours of 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.


Write to the UK Company

If you would prefer to write to Loc8tor then you can make your enquiry via email sales@loc8tor.com or can send a letter to the their customer service centre at the following postal address: Loc8tor Ltd, Octagon House, The RidgewayLondon, NW7 1RL, United Kingdom.