Dell Contact Number: 0800 587 1456

The Dell customer service department runs a freephone contact number 0800 587 1456 and is ideal for anyone looking for over-the-phone technical support regarding a laptop in their XPS, Inspiron and Latitude ranges.


Dell Phone Number – 0800 587 1456

You should contact Dell on the freephone contact number of their UK customer support centre 0800 587 1456 if you have any enquiries about a laptop in their popular XPS and Inspiron ranges. An advisor can help new customers who looking for product recommendations, as they can suggest both models and system specifications ideal for your intended usage. For instance, you may wish to order a custom model, made to fit your internal memory and display preferences. Callers can therefore make a telephone order if they would like to purchase a custom laptop that is otherwise unavailable on the Dell online store. Moreover, callers can use the above freephone number to discuss the financing options if they would prefer to pay for a computer in instalment. However, it is advised to take out a Dell warranty when making your telephone order.

You should also phone the Dell freephone customer service number 0800 587 1456 for technical support when facing an issue with your laptop. For instance, you will be able to use this number for telephone assistance regarding the best antivirus and security software when protecting your Dell computer. Alternatively, callers can request troubleshooting support when faces with no audio or low volume coming from their laptop speakers. By the same token, customers can report any connectivity issues if they are unable to pair their laptop to a WiFi router. In the case that the Dell technical support advisor can not provide a solution over the phone, they will offer a repairs service for any models that are under warranty protection.


Information about Call Costs and Contact Hours

Dell uses a 0800 freephone contact number, meaning that all calls will be entirely free of charge when made from either a UK landline or mobile phone. The Dell customer service department is available to take calls during the opening hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


Dell Interactive Virtual Agent

If you have been unable to contact Dell during their phone line opening hours, then you can receive 24-hour technical support when reporting an issue with your laptop on the Interactive Virtual Agent found on the Dell website.