The Customer Service Numbers Directory

You are now on the Customer Service Numbers directory, featuring UK companies’ customer service and technical support contact details including phone numbers, contact email addresses, postal addresses and online contact forms for your convenience.

Contact Amazon on their freephone customer service number to discuss any of your recent orders made on the online marketplace.

DVLA Contact Number: Phone the DVLA by calling their UK contact numbers to pay your car tax, to report a missing driving licence and to notify them that you have sold a vehicle.

EE Contact Number: Call EE customer services for technical support with weak mobile signal, to upgrade your current handset and to switch phone providers.

Game Contact Number: Dial the Game customer service phone number to order video games over the telephone, to get technical support with your console and to trade-in previously-played titles.

Halifax Contact Number: Call Halifax on their UK customer services telephone number for enquiries about the current accounts and home insurance policies available.

Nintendo Contact Number: Phone Nintendo UK on their customer service contact number for troubleshooting support regarding a technical issue you are having with their video game consoles.

Sony Contact Number: Call Sony on their customer service telephone number if you would like technical support on your Playstation or Xperia mobile phone handset.